Sitti's Olive Trees
Ndaa Hassan

Sitti's Olive Trees

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“Reema, habibti! This is not just any oil. This is zeit zaytoun. It has traveled thousands of miles to reach us. Each drop is as precious as your beautiful glowing eyes and not a single drop can be wasted.”

Sitti’s Olive Trees is a celebration of culture, family, storytelling and precious olive trees.

The latest book by the author of Ramadan Around The World - Ndaa Hassan



Ndaa Hassan is a wife, mother, artist, social entrepreneur and creative design enthusiast with a passion for storytelling, traveling and learning about other cultures. She takes particular interest working on projects that provide value and service to others. Her portfolio spans many community-centered projects and a handful of story times filled with lots of excitement, laughs and giggles. Ramadan Around The World is her first venture into children’s literature. It is a story inspired by her children and their Ramadan celebrations.

  • Author: Ndaa Hassan
  • Illustrator: Soumbal Qureshi
  • Published: 2021
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 40
  • Format: Hardcover with Dust Jacket