Our Story

My name is Bushra and I am the founder and owner of Barakah Boutique, an Islamic lifestyle boutique, where we curate a Barakah filled experience through our high quality Islamic products.
Barakah Boutique launched at the start of Covid pandemic back in 2020 and we have been blessed to open doors to our in-store location, in Canton, Michigan in March of 2022. Time flies and it is already 2024, SubhanAllah.
We thank you for visiting us virtually! If you are ever visiting Michigan/Metro-Detroit area, we'd be honored to have you visit us in-store.
We founded this Boutique to serve our community with an inspiring collection of Islamic products for you, your family & your home. Additionally, we value the hard work and creativity of Muslim owned businesses across the world who put endless hours and time behind creating a range of high quality Islamic products for Muslims. We want to connect you to these beautiful brands, InshaAllah. So when you shop at Barakah Boutique, you are not supporting one entrepreneur’s dream but the dream of many small Muslim businesses.
Barakah means blessing and in Islam, Allah (God) has showered countless blessings each and every day. At Barakah Boutique, we hope to share these blessings with you. 
Wishing you a Barakah filled day,