Our Story

Salaam Family,
Thank you for visiting us virtually! We are a husband wife duo and founders of Barakah Boutique. We live in Canton, Michigan, love travelling, making brownies at 11 pm and binge watching Dirilis Ertuğrul.
We plan to open Barakah Boutique very soon in Canton, Michigan. The opening has been postponed in light of the current situation across the globe. We pray that Allah grants you, your family and your loved ones’ good health and safety Ameen.

Barakah Boutique is the first Islamic Lifestyle Boutique in Michigan with an Inspiring Collection of Ramadan & Eid Décor, Hijaabs, Islamic Art, Children’s Books and more. We founded this Boutique because we want to serve the community and provide you with an inspiring collection of Islamic products for you, your family & your home. Additionally, we value the hard work and creativity of Muslim owned businesses across the world who put endless hours and time behind creating a range of high quality Islamic products for Muslims. We want to connect you to these beautiful brands, InshaAllah. So when you shop at Barakah Boutique, you are not supporting one entrepreneur’s dream but the dream of many small Muslim businesses.

At Barakah Boutique, we want to be the leader in selling high quality Islamic products. We take pride in our process of selecting Islamic brands who share similar values as us in terms of product quality and design. These high quality products are design-led to meet diverse needs and range from hand made to being produced in limited quantity.

Barakah means blessing and in Islam, Allah (God) has showered countless blessings upon us each and every day. At Barakah Boutique, we hope to share these blessings with you.

Finally, every month a portion of our proceeds goes towards helping those who are less fortunate. In the month of April, we are donating a portion of all proceeds to local food pantries.

We truly appreciate your love and support!

Browse our online Boutique, be inspired and be filled with Barakah!

With duas,

Bushra & Zeshaan