Qur'an Affirmation Cards
Qur'an Affirmation Cards
Qur'an Affirmation Cards
Qur'an Affirmation Cards
Qur'an Affirmation Cards
Qur'an Affirmation Cards
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Qur'an Affirmation Cards

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Without realizing, our faith is filled with positive affirmations; in the Qur'an, Adhkar & Du'a. We are not short of affirming our faith, the magnificent qualities of Allah & the love of our Prophet (pbuh). Now more than ever, we wanted to remind ourselves of the positive, mindful and intentional impact Allah's words can have. 

Introducing our Qur'an based Affirmation Cards (Set of 5)

Affirmation Cards to foster a deep love of Allah through the use of positive and powerful statements based on well known Qur'an verses.

Allah is kind & merciful | 'He wishes to turn towards you in mercy' Surah An-Nisa:26

He will respond to me | 'Call on Me and I will answer you' Surah Ghafir:60

I will see the ease in hardship | 'Indeed, where there is hardship there is also ease' Surah Ash-Sharh:6

Allah is with me | 'He is with you wherever you are: He sees all that you do' Surah Al-Hadid:4

He loves those who do good | 'And do good: indeed Allah loves the doers of good' Surah Baqarah:195

How to Use

Use them daily & reflect on your Lord with mindfulness. Choose a card at random & use them yourself, with your family or gift them to a loved one.

Set of 5, double sided on 350gsm card. Designs include: gold foil, silver foil, velvet, gloss & matte. 

- FSC approved.

- Printed in the UK.

Dimensions: 65mm x 65mm

Packaged in a handmade sustainable vegan suede flat pouch with ties.

Dimensions with pouch: 85mm x 85mm

All proceeds from the sale of this magnet will be donated to the following charity: