My Quran Alphabet Book
My Quran Alphabet Book
My Quran Alphabet Book
My Quran Alphabet Book

My Quran Alphabet Book

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My Quran Alphabet Book is uniquely designed to teach your child the Arabic alphabet along with words mentioned in the Quran. With modern and beautiful illustrations, each letter references to the Surah (chapter) and Ayah (verse) in which the word can be found. To make learning Arabic enjoyable and easy for every child, each word is written in English, Arabic and transliteration.


Each word is written clearly and with tashkeel (fatha, kasrah, dhummah)

Name of Surah (chapter) and Ayah (verse) the word is mentioned

Included is an Arabic Alphabet letter chart with transliteration

Included is an Number chart from 1 to 10. Written in Arabic and transliteration

A child can trace with their finger as a way to visually learn the letters

Recommended Age: 2 and up

Hardcover/Board Book

Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches

Number of Pages: 32 pages