Jannah Jewels Book 4 (Secrets in Spain)

Jannah Jewels Book 4 (Secrets in Spain)

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Meet Abbas ibn Firnas and Sind ibn Ali in the #1 Original Chapter Book Series for Muslim Kids!

In the fourth book of the Jannah Jewels Series, the readers are taken along on their most challenging adventure yet, as Hidayah, Iman, Jaide, and Sara travel to magnificent Spain in hopes of finding the next missing artifact. In this book, the Jannah Jewels meet Abbas ibn Firnas, one of the first men to attempt glider flight and lives to tell the tale! Then, a mysterious girl with steel-grey eyes travels back into time to help Jaffar! Who is this girl? Will the Jannah Jewels find the missing artifact before Jaffar, outsmart the mysterious girl, and return back in time to the Golden Clock?