Hajj Activity Book
Hajj Activity Book

Hajj Activity Book

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Not just an activity book but also contains super cute Eid al Adha poem, short story, Qibla pointer and an article written by Sheikh Kamil Ahmad about Hajj and global pandemic.

Each booklet comes with Hajj theme sticker sheet and 2 Eid cards. These 2 products can definitely bring that Eid feelings which every child can wish to have when their parents are busy with meat distributions.Ā Ā 

This activity book also includes ord search, maze game, step by step Hajj guide, funny story to teach kids about animals for slaughter and lot more fun stuff.

  • Format:Ā Paperback
  • Age Range:Ā 4+
  • Publisher:Ā Earth Custodians Canada
  • Language:Ā English
  • Pages:Ā 21