Hajar Never Gave Up
Hajar Never Gave Up
Poppetry X WawStories

Hajar Never Gave Up

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Bring the lessons of Hajar’s (ra) desert tale and miraculous Zamzam water story straight to the heart of your child’s bedroom walls – or even an adult space!

This beautiful collaboration print between Waw Stories and Poppetry shop will bring vibrant color to your home and your child’s nursery or bedroom. It serves as a daily reminder of the powerful message behind Hajar’s (ra) desert struggle, which is to ‘never give up’ and ‘always have hope’ during difficult times.

The lively botanical theme features indigenous flora from the Middle East region and complements other inspirational Poppetry prints that have become a staple classic in many Muslim households globally.

This print makes a perfect gift when bought with the Waw Stories book An Ocean in One Drop, which covers Hajar’s (ra) tale. It’s a wonderful gift for special occasions; Eid, Ramadan, religious celebrations, birthdays, baby showers… even as a motivational gift to encourage that special someone along. Make sure you order yours soon – limited stock available!

Let’s build resilience during difficult times. Let’s stay hopeful, uplifted and inspire faith in the next generation.

Specification: 350gsm uncoated quality premium print in A4