Little Mihraab Prayer Mat (Kids Size)
Little Mihraab Prayer Mat (Kids Size)
Little Mihraab Prayer Mat (Kids Size)
Little Mihraab Prayer Mat (Kids Size)
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Little Mihraab Prayer Mat (Kids Size)

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We are excited to collaborate with Bynfitri all the way from Singapore to bring you the Mihraab Collection of Prayer Mats.

Bynfitri's vision is to bring families together through Salah and we are delighted to carry their high quality, ultra padded and comfortable prayer mats.

These prayer mats are hand sewn by women and members of the deaf community in Singapore to help them sustain a living. So every purchase you make, has a huge impact Alhumdulillah.

These prayer mats have an added adding for the extra poof + hook for easy storage to hang on the wall, tassels at the corners of course to look cute and also anti slip backing for safety purposes. Each mat also comes in a storage pouch. 

Kids measurement: 50 x 85 cm

Adult measurement: 68 x 115 cm

Kindly Note:

Please allow 1-3cm discrepancy. Colours may vary due to lighting & screen resolutions

When you first receive the mats, they may appear crumpled due to the nature of the fabric and the foam. You can iron the mats on low heat. We encourage you to wash the mats only sporadically so that the nature of the foam remains preserved. When you do wash the mats, please use a laundry bag, set the laundry machine on gentle cycle and wash for a maximum of 15 minutes only. Alternatively, you can use wet towels to rub away any stains/dirt