Planet Omar 4: Epic Hero Flop
Zanib Mian

Planet Omar 4: Epic Hero Flop

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Welcome back to Planet Omar! The fourth book in Zanib Mian's laugh-out-loud series, with amazing cartoon-style illustrations. Perfect for fans of Tom Gates and Wimpy Kid.

When Omar's best friend Daniel messes up at school, Omar decides to take the blame to save him from getting in trouble - which makes him feel like a hero!

With this taste of heroism, Omar takes the blame for a couple of small things other kids in the class have done - without realizing that when something more serious happens, the signs will point to him since he's been so unusually troublesome.

The teachers are SURE the culprit must be Omar. Can his friends prove his innocence and show that he wasn't responsible for the chaos?
  • Author: Zanib Mian
  • Pub Date: July 2021
  • Format:┬áPaperback
  • Number of Pages: 208